Become more efficientBecome more efficient

With docspread you have your complete sales collateral with you. Up to date. Everywhere. Anytime. This removes the need for expensive and tiresome manual updates of your sales collateral and you can perfectly concentrate on your primary task - selling.

┬╗Our field employees are great at sales. Their ability to organize documents or use technology can vary widely though. This is why we were looking for a solution that relieved them of part of this bureaucratic paperwork┬ź, says Jens Irmer, Head of Internal Sales at Vorwerk Carpets.

Become fasterBecome faster

You will need only a few clicks to find the needed information with the docspread app - even on spontaneous questions of your customer.

Send all relevant documents to your customer by email immediately after the sales call - directly from within the docspread app.

Flip open/awake your tablet, plug in the beamer cable, start the presentation: No more long time of waiting until the laptop has finished booting and the correct display settings were found.

Become betterBecome better

As soon as new or updated documents are available, you can download them in the docspread app. Thus you will never again show out dated presentations or brochures.

The customer surprises you with a question regarding a different topic and just that brochure is not at hand? This cannot happen with docspread since you always have all available sales documents with you.

Go multimedia: Besides presentations, brochures, and data sheets in the PDF format you can also present and play images and videos with the docspread app.

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See how our customers use docspread or just try it yourself. It is free for up to 5 users

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